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New designs. New sounds. NO Clones.

Dynamo Electric Audio consists of two guys who met after discovering they were dating the same woman. Instead of starting a fight, they realized they were both musicians and decided to start a band (and over ten years later, a pedal company.)

After originally designing new pedals to get the sounds they wanted with Phil and Brian's bands (Asleep In The Stars and Grand Theft Marmot, respectively), people started asking if they could get their hands on the devices they were hearing, and so Dynamo Electric Audio was born.

The philosophy and ethos of the company is Phil and Brian's passionate response to one question: "Why are so many pedal circuit designs and sounds so similar?" In an era of rampant cloning, they want to bring not only the ability to discover new sounds to the table, but bring sounds that enhance your connection with your instrument. If it feels good to play, it IS good.






On the electrical engineering side of the company is Brian Peters, who spent most of 2000-2010 engineering sounds for and playing with seven time Grammy award winner Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group, David Bowie, Jaco Pastorius, Larry Coryell) and guitarist John Moulder, working on over 50 albums in 10 years. From 2010-2012, he engineered and co-hosted Paul Wertico's Wild World Of Jazz on 87.7 FM in Chicago. He's also worked as a computer programmer, video game developer, soundtrack composer, and biomed in there.
















On the business and decidedly less insane side of the company is Phil Kalas, who owns the fine leather goods company, Ashland Leather. An avid musician, composer, and mixing engineer, Phil brings a much needed perspective to the development of the equipment, and keeps phrases like "Differential Non-Linearity" and "Nyquist Theorem" out of the quick start guides.