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Century Of Progress - Analog Distortion Modeler


Century Of Progress - Analog Distortion Modeler
Century Of Progress - Analog Distortion Modeler Century Of Progress - Analog Distortion Modeler


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One thing is for sure, this is not a one trick pony pedal. Check out this compilation of the different types of tones inside this box:

  • TONE FINDER - We were sick of how the tone knob on most pedals usually has one sweet spot, and the rest of the range is worthless. We wanted to go all out and design something new that had usable and exciting tones all the way around the knob. After 42 different prototypes and feedback from guitarists with an obsession over tone, we settled on the circuit topology, corner frequencies, and sonic coloring we thought would be most useful for this pedal. And so was born the Dynamo Tone Tilt circuit, making its debut in the Century Of Progress pedal, and it's here to shatter your preconceived notions about what a tone knob can do.
  • CHOKE CIRCUIT - Lower the supply voltage to the first two gain stages on the fly with the choke knob. Turn it down a bit for a brown sound. Turn it further down for a choking fuzzed out sound. Choke also DOESN'T lower the voltage on the Tone Knob, so you can still sculpt your choked out sound with the same amount of control you'd have with it all the way up.
  • INPUT KNOB - This knob allows the pedal to accommodate high output active pickups as well as standard passive pickups, and using it in different combinations with the drive knob can result in subtle tone differences on the same guitar.
  • TREBLE BOOSTER - Originally an idea for its own pedal, we came up with a new design for a treble booster and stuffed it into the Century of Progress instead. Not an EQ boost, this button gives you that over-the-edge sound that's perfect for leads, or kicking a rhythm part into high gear, with a boosted signal and more focus on your pick articulations.
  • FUZZ FINDER - Want some 60s sounding fuzzy sustain added to your current sound? This three position knob offers a position with a natural sound, one with some fuzzy edge added, and one with epic sustain and waveshaping added.
  • There's sounds this pedal can make that we haven't even heard yet.  We've been working closely with this pedal for quite some time now, and there's still subtle combination differences we haven't tried yet.  (If you do the math, the permutations get very high very fast.)
  • Designed to accept 9V-18V. (Although we think 12V sounds better than 18V, and the Choke knob range is optimized for those input voltages.) For a number of reasons (including that we'd rather you use 12V) we didn't include an internal battery holder, but if you're a battery sort of person, there are a number of 9V battery guitar pedal adapters for sale around the internet.
  • No-Pop True Bypass Switch - When it's off, it's invisible, and when you turn it on or off, it changes modes gracefully.
  • Hand Wired and Hand Soldered Through-Hole Components. The highest quality available. No board mounted knobs or buttons, so stomp away all you want.  We've also avoided using any ceramic capacitors-  all arcotronics or silver mica (or electrolytic, for values 10uF and over)
  • Guaranteed Quality: Each pedal is playtested and compared to the original models by the original designer before being approved for sale.